Fast Food Casual Dining – COMING SOON
Bringing fast food casual dining to a higher level of creativity, with a choice of delectable sandwiches and secret sauces, this upcoming restaurant is a concept that perfectly blends fast food casual with a dash of secret ingredients. Here, the chefs are the performers and the restaurant is their stage.
Promenade – All Day Dining
Perfect for those who crave a midnight meal, this modern, multi-cuisine restaurant serves breakfast , Lunch & Dinner. The open spaces, happy décor and the large buffets add to the meal experience here. Open 24 hrs, this restaurant also takes care of your in-room dining.
Time: 6:30 am to 11:00 pm
Ho Ya Mal – The Heritage Café
For a taste of local tradition, this Emirati coffee shop serves local refreshments along with a selection of luxury coffee and tea. Blended drinks, signature salads and delicious sandwiches are available here for those looking beyond a caffeine fix. The alfresco seating simply adds on to the countless flavors.
Time: 12 noon – 12 midnight
Pool Café
Light and healthy dishes are yours for the enjoying at the Lounge Pool Café on the pool deck. Take a plunge in the pool while sipping on some of our signature beverages prepared right at the poolside for your delight.
Indulge in a modern day twist at this contemporary Iranian restaurant. Dive into the jewel of Persian cuisine, with combination of rice and succulent dishes to provide the perfect balanced diet. With its treasure trove of recipes, along with exquisite cultural experience, it's sure to promise an unforgettable dining experience.
12 noon to 12 midnight, daily